SSE offers official on-campus advertising at Stanford

We offer advertising options in the Stanford Directory, Stanford Unofficial Guide, On-campus flyering, and the Stanford Map.  If you haven't been on campus to see our products in person, we would love to send you free samples.  Or, if you would like tell us about your business, we would be happy to contact you with an advertising package tailored to your business' needs.

Below, we have an overview of our main advertising options.


Stanford Directory

The Directory is the official campus phone book containing phone listings, local advertisements and valuable coupons with 27,000 copies distributed every January to the entire Stanford Community.

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Stanford Unofficial Guide

The Unofficial Guide shares everything from the best places to study to popular local restaurants. 13,500 printed copies of the Unofficial Guide are distributed every year to the doors of every on campus Stanford undergraduate and graduate student.  The Unofficial Guide also features a large collection of business and dining coupons that are very popular with the students.

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Flyer distribution

Quickly and effectively advertises to students by having fliers posted at key locations around campus. Flyer distribution occurs during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.  SSE has the capability of flyering on campus residences of graduate and undergraduate students as well as certain academic buidings.  

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Stanford Map

The map is distributed to visitors and features views of both Stanford's campus and Palo Alto along with local businesses.  50,000 maps are distributed every year at locations on Stanford's campus such as SLAC, the Old Union Building, the Stanford Bookstore, the BIO-X program, and many other locations.  The map is also distributed off campus at the San Jose airport and through map clients who request boxes of the publication.

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